Thursday, November 13, 2008

One down 11 to go!

Devin has just finished his finals of his first semester as a physical therapy student. So far he is doing really well and loving his program. He is glad the semester has come to an end and now we get two weeks off to go home and be with our family. Wahoo!! We will be leaving on Friday the 14th and staying in Las Vegas with Kari Friday and possibly Saturday night. So that gets us to the Wasatch front on Sunday. I will be calling everyone to schedule appointments so you better be able to put us down in ink. We love you all and can't wait to see everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wow,... I guess I had a day last time I wrote....

To all those who actually read this.... Sorry my last post was so intense. I guess its a way of venting without having to complain to anyone. Thank you all for your love, support, and words of encouragement. I know everything will turn out alright,... it just sucks in the mean time. Anyhoo, I hope you all have a fabulous Halloween and I will hopefully see you at Thanksgiving time.

Monday, October 20, 2008


So I went to all those interviews last week and nothing worked out. I was liked by all but no one can afford to bring me on. I was really disapointed with the design firm cause they were the ones that said that they'd contact me when they needed someone else. So finally I got an interview with them and they were like.... "Oh we're not hiring right now, but we wanted to meet you just incase we do need someone." What a waste of my time. I am so discouraged. I've sent my resume to just about every design/Architecture firm down here with no hope. Searched career builder and have gone to almost all the flower shops near by. I don't know what to do. I feel as if I don't have any purpose in life... and that I'm a failure. What a waste of time and money going to school for 6 years and I can't even get a real job. A bit of advice to anyone out there going to school.... go into something that is always needed. Cause when the economy sucks your job will be the first to go.

Friday, October 10, 2008

This week...

This week has been an interesting one. It started out by going to the dentist first thing monday morning for a routine cleaning and checkup. So I went to Dr. Van's office for the first time and was impressed right off. They're office is very nice and the staff was all very friendly. So I proceded with my exam and the xrays and digital pictures to find out that the dentist wants to replace all of my old cavities from when I was a kid and give one of them a crown since it was such a huge filing. I went in thinking nothing was wrong and waked out with a bid of $1500. So naturally I doubted this dentist. I went the following day for the start of my crown and really hit it off with the dentist and realized he was an alright guy. He actually wanted to hire me for one of his front office people. So after my interview in the chair he was undecided on what to do. He really liked me but wants someone who will be around longer than 3 years. So I don't think I've got that position. Meanwhile I found out that this dentist is not on my network so my insurance doesn't cover anything. I really like this guy but don't know what to do. He's started the work in my mouth but should I go elsewhere to finish the job so I can have some covered by my insurance?
Next is that I finally got some good interviews coming up. I am going to Scottsdale today to meet with a couple of really nice florists/event planners. One.... Julie wants me to start working next weekend. The thing is I would like to help her but it sounds like this is not a regular position.... but weekends and days when she has events. So hm... I don't know if it will work. I have been already helping out a shop down the road on a couple days a week for a measly $10/hour.... so should I stick with that till something better comes along. The best news is that I have a design interview on Monday with Fifer design studios. They are just an interior design firm that specializes in dental, doctor, law offices. I think that it would be perfect so everyone keep their fingers crossed! Anyhoo... I know this is I will be done. I thought I'd just ask for a few opinions about my situation. Thanks, and I love y0u all.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Hello everyone,
You know how I've been looking for a job for a long while now not knowing what to do? Well I came up with a brilliant idea yesterday. Hm... ready for it..... Flowers. Yes I know, I'm a genious. I don't know why I didn't think about using my other talent that I've used for years. The thing is that when I think about doing flowers for a living is that I don't really think of it as work. Its something I enjoy doing and would love to have my own business one day just for the fun of it. Ya know when Devin is paying the bills. When I don't really have to make money. I could have it for something for me to do and relieve stress.
So I've realized that the Interior Design department down here is completely dead at the moment so I will rely on my floral talents and their tiny paychecks to pay the bills. But this will be something I actually enjoy. Go figure. And there will always be a need for flowers, holidays, weddings, and funerals. So I went out and about the city with a few adresses in hand, my resume and some pictures of my work. Low and behold, people were interested in me. They were impressed. So I have a few good leads and will be helping a shop next week doing high school dance flowers. Oh and the other good thing about flowers are the hours. Mon-Fri 9-5 and possibly 9-2 on sat. Not bad. Much better than working at Walmart and McDonalds 24- 7.
So I'm excited about this new adventure. I am also looking into becoming a event planner/ bridal consultant since that is a big market down here. By working with a company that is well established I can learn alot and get ins for the right places. Anyhoo... wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Horray for fun things to keep us busy!

I must admit that I just recently read all of the Twilight series for the first time, and I love them. Well most of them. I love the story and the romance of Bella and Edward. I'm am an Edward fan all the way and think that Jacob never stood a chance. I loved the first two books especially. I think the first one is my favorite and I'm super excited for the movie to come out. But I must complain about the final stupid book "Breaking Dawn." Yes it had its funny, romantic parts that kept you on your toes, but the whole having a baby thing completely pissed me off. I felt like we waited so long for this couple to get together and she has to go and ruin it with a stupid kid. They were completely robbed of their time together as newly weds. I think that she could have made a lot better book if she would have went in a different direction. Oh and the entire book of Jacob pissed me off as well. I am not a Jacob fan and so this section was just really annoying. Also there were a lot of things in the book that didn't make sense or that contradicted itself. I think she should have taken her time and thought more about the story. Oh and they didn't even get to fight at the end. Ugg... I think they should have fought and had a true ending with the chance to show everyone's talents. Anyhoo.. I'll get off my twilight box and move on to other things I'm grateful for.
I love facebook. I have found so many friends that I have lost track of. Its so nice to see what everyone is up to without necessarily having to contact them. Is that aweful to say? I just think that our lives are so busy and its hard to just keep up with our families these days. So I am grateful. It may be juvinille, but hey its better than myspace.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hello Everyone!

Sorry I still really haven't got the hang of this blog thing, but I will figure it out. The truth is we're more facebook people. I think it might be a bit easier. Cheesy but easy. Anyhoo, we are on our 6th week down here in Arizona and thinking that it's alright. I definately don't want to live here forever but it's alright for school. Devin is really liking school so far. Its just the beginning so its not that intense yet. Fortunately he also found out that he has a high school football buddy in his lab group so that helps immensly. He actually studies becasue he wants to now, such a difference from undergrad.

I'm still looking for a job. I was picky in the beginning only wanting the best firms but now I've been sending a resume to everyone. Including any kind of receptionist work. I've decided that the economy sucks and that I'll take anything I can get in order to pay the bills. Which better happen fast cause our savings is quickly depleting. So in between looking for a job and searching for a job I sit by the pool. Which is nice but still really hot. I'll be glad when its below 100.

Good news is that we have somehow become popular down here. We have 4 different couple friends that like to do things with us, and so its sometimes hard to ballance our different relationships with people. I was really homesick at first. Missing my family and the fact we could go outside for more than 5 minutes, so having some friends is a really nice change. I'm very grateful for all the cheap fun things we do to keep my mind off other things.

Anyhoo, I know that this is a boring update, but not much is really going on. I'll get some photos posted soon once I figure out how to do it. Thanks all for your love and keeping in touch!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our First Blog

Hello everyone!
We've finally jumped on the band wagon and started a blog. Actually Camille took pity on me, and showed me how. Wahoo!