Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blog smog... sorry I just update facebook a lot sooner!

Hey everyone... or anyone who actually reads our blog. I realized that I keep facebook updated a lot better than our blog, so this is me trying. June was good. Devin finished his last semester in school for his first year, and had his pinning ceremony. Its a ceremony that celebrates completion of their first year. I know a big deal huh. It actually made me laugh. Anyways... we snuck off to Lake Tahoe for a minute to get a break from the heat before Devin started his clinical for the summer. Tahoe was beautiful and a nice break from the heat... but a little cold. the water was still like 58 degrees so needless to say we didn't get in. Just a lot of hiking.

July was hot! I was super home sick for an awesome 4th of july with the family. It is my favorite holiday... so Devin my sweet husband decided we needed to do something really fun to take my mind off the homesickness. So we went about and hour and a half north to a little place called Fossile Springs past Payson, Arizona. It was incredible. First of all the weather was much like Utah (cool nights and refreshing water), next it was actually green. Fossil Springs itself is a river/spring area with pools and waterfalls to jump off of. So amazingly beautiful. So perfect. After playing in the emerald green springs we went to the awesome 45 minute firework display in Payson. I love fireworks so this was just sweet! Unfortunately we forgot our camera so we'll have to get picts from our friends Jeff and Chelan.

The end of July I took off to Lake Powell with my family while Devin stayed home and worked at his clinical. He was definately missed by all. It was good to see the family, but it was definately an unusual powell trip. We had thunderstorms every afternoon so we had a lot of down time. The worst part about it was that I didn't even get to slalom ski. It is my all time favorite activity that I've been doing for the past 5 years. But when I tried to get up on my sister's competition ski the first morning (which I've done for the last 2 years with no problems) I couldn't get up. I was so dang mad (to put it lightly), and then because I tried so hard so many times I didn't have any strength in my hands for the rest of the week. I even had to have my nieces open water bottles for me. UGgg... so just think of how frustrated you'd be if you've been doing something amazingly for years and all the sudden couldn't!

In August I came to Utah to watch Charlene's kids while she went to Maui for her Anniversary. (My sister) It was a crazy, exhausting week but so much fun to get to know her kids a lot better. I'm just glad she got to go relax for a while. She definately deserved it. After she came home, Devin joined me for a week in Utah to spend some time with our family and friends. We got to relax, go to dinner, hang out with nieces and nephews, go swimming, and go boating. Over all a good time and it went by way too fast!
Anyways... sorry I really don't update much. I feel like I'll do more when we actually have kids or more going on in our life. We love you all!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Last Two Months

The Flowers

Me and my honey

At the reception

Kara the lovely bride

Kara and Bob

So sorry it has been such a long while. I've been a little busy. Let me fill you all in. I was in Utah for 10 days in the beginning of March working for my sister on finishing designing her main floor of her house. We had lots of fun picking her tile, granite slabs, and installing all her furniture, accessories, window treatments, rugs, and custom florals made by yours truely.
In April I returned to Utah for two weeks to help my old job (sandstrom architecture) compete for a new high end elementary school. It was crazy hours and I pretty much came up with an entire new 80,000 square foot school, ideas, concepts, preliminary construction documents, designs, and a beautiful presentation to display all our hard work. We just learned that we won the project.... so we will see if I have to return to help with the real construction documents. No news from the boss yet...
We moved apartment complexes on May 1st. The new place is bigger, better, cheaper, nicer, closer to school and our ward is still great. I just barely finished unpacking and putting the pictures on the walls this week.

That same day of moving I took off in the afternoon for a weekend in Utah with my sister's and mom for our annual mother's day retreat. We had a ball. Pedicures, dinner at cheesecake factory, giggling till 3 am, secronized swimming, shopping, shopping and more shopping. Kari is the queen! Todd also blessed their new little one and so I was able to be there for some prime time auntie time.
May was a whirl wind of working at the flower shop for mother's day, and taking care of the shop while the owners were out of town. Mixed with a little Hair by Mar in the evenings.

Memorial weekend we went to Las Vegas for my friend Kara's wedding. She did a beautiful job planning and I had a wonderful time doing her flowers. She was even nice enough to plan a party at Lake Mead the next day with thier boat. Thanks for the fun, and skiing!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Us together... and yes that is a tan line. That's what happens in March when you live in Arizona.

Top View

From the side

So I have to post pictures of this fabulous cake that my friend Devan made me. She says that she's not crafty... but by the looks of these we all know differently. She even made the fondant from scratch. What a woman! Oh by the way.... I turned 26 again. I've decided if I stay there I don't have to have children anytime soon!

OOps! That last post was a tag!

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Rippin it up!

Oh how I love Lake powell, and my sister's sweet competition ski. This is probabbly my all time favorite activity. Oh how the legs, the arms and the back burn! Just blogging about it... makes me yearn for summer. Its so close... but so far away. I can't wait wait till July! Family powell trips Rock!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Family Photos!

in motion

our first attempt

piggy back

awe precious

don't we just love our twin girls!

THe whole Fam!

Hey everyone... I'm just posting some cute picts from the seale family photo shoot that happened over christmas. Let me know which one you like best to be printed as an 8x10 for my mother in law's wall. Love you all!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Learning!

Out to Dinner once a month. P.F. Changs.. mmm...

goofing off in the car!

One of the many sunsets...

hiking in Arizona... not much to see...

Movie nigh is a regular occasion.

I just changed my background by myself. Wow... it really wasn't hard but I'm still learning how to do all of this. Sorry life is boring at the moment but here are a few photos of what we do here in Arizona. Mostly we hang out with our friends Dan and Devan watching movies on our couch cushions in the living room, playing games, hiking, going to Costco on saturday for sample lunch, or whatever else we can do for free or close to that.

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's been a While

Hello everyone,
Sorry it has been so long since I've posted last. I guess the holidays were a bit crazy. Or I just didn't feel like typing. Anyhoo... our Thanksgiving and Christmas season was great. We got to go home for one thing and see our family which I am very thankful for. You don't realize how much they do for you until your are far away from them. Sunday dinners, hugs, smiles, playing with your nieces and nephews, going to lunch, or just hanging out playing games. We sure miss you all and can't wait to come home for good. I will say the only great thing about Arizona is that when we drove home from Utah for Christmas it was 9 degrees when we left and 70 when we arrived in Phoenix. I love the sun and I'm grateful that its here. If I had to live without my family and the sun I would be in big trouble by now. So if any of you have had enought of the cold.. you are welcome anytime to our little one bedroom apartment in the warmth.

This season I think more than anything has taught me to be grateful for what I have. We decided not to do gifts this Christmas and it was actually really nice. We were able to focus on what others really enjoyed and just appreciate the little things. We felt totally spoiled with the few things we did recieve from family. I think I've learned to be a little less selfish this season and I'm grateful. We have a home, food, family, friends, and love. I guess you don't need much else. (Except for a few hefty student loans) Thank you all for the blessing you are in our lives.